Journey To The Center of Me : Welcome

Posted by Anthonese Street on

I look like a fierce woman, don’t I? I know, I know, power translates through those tiny pixels that make up my confident and bold image. I must tell you though, those tiny pixels, are filled with stories of rejection, abandonment, and self-doubt. Those stories built this confident woman you now see in my photos and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

 I want to share with you in this blog, some real tough experiences and revelations that I went through and still continue to go through. I hope this blog could help you understand that your struggles don’t define you but they build you and they give you power. I hope I can teach you that you always are in control of your world, even when outside circumstances make you feel like you don’t have control. Stay uplifted, stay motivated, and always have faith. You are free to use my experiences and my shirts to help you through your day, week, month or year!

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